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Pixi Beauty Extra Eye Bright Liner

Extra Eye Bright Liner

Starting at: $14.00

Intensified version of our classic Eye Bright Liner - delivers a wide-awake look in moments.

Pixi Beauty Eye Bright Liner

Eye Bright Liner

Starting at: $12.00

Eye whitening brightener to use on lower inner eye rim for instant awake looking eyes.

Eye Zone Brightener

Eye Zone Brightener

Starting at: $16.00

Eye awakening tinted eye gel that brightens & restores vibrancy, while recharging delicate skin with potent botanical healers.

Pixi Beauty Flawless Beauty Primer

Flawless Beauty Primer

Starting at: $22.00

"This product is my holy grail! It hydrates my skin, gives me a radiant glow all day, plus makes my makeup stay put." -Petra

Glow to Go

Glow to Go

Starting at: $25.00

4 x luminous face balms light up the skin for a fresh, rested, healthy glow.

Eye Bright Kit

Eye Bright Kit

Starting at: $18.00

On-the-go perfecting palette with two concealers, one brightener and one highlighter to make eyes look brighter and more awake.