Beautiful Blush Pink



Blush pink is probably one of the most beautiful colours there is.


The most adorable words pop into my mind as I look at it: soothing, softness, roses, baby girls, ethereal, romantic, femininity, pretty, subtle, sheer chiffon, youth, cherry blossoms…


Here is some blush pink inspiration on a dull day! :)




Love the look!



Here’s how I would achieve the above look:

1. Apply a chiffon pink all around eyes to highlight and brighten.

2. Use a pale pink cheek gel on apples of cheeks – don’t be scared to layer for that super pretty flushed cheek.

3. Use a sheer pale pink shimmery lipgloss all over lip.

4. Finish off with lots of jet black mascara.


I would use these to re-create this look at home:


Find Icy Lip Luster at:

Find Lid Last Shadow Pen at:

Find Nail Colour at:

Find Fairy Light Solo at:


If this shower was waiting, I’d jump out of bed even in the winter!



I firmly believe that you stay 22 all your life, and as you get more mature, your real personality can shine & you don’t really care what anybody else thinks!


When I retire (if ever!), and I’m an old dear, I want to be the one with Pixi green on and pink hair – brilliant! :)




As always, I’m rummaging around the vintage stores anywhere I travel – thought this was pretty!


What’s your favorite colour & why?


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