Catalog Sneak Peek – 4th Edition

Over the next few weeks, we will be sending out our new Pixi catalog for Spring Summer 2013 – I wanted to give you an exclusive sneak peek at the goodies that this edition contains & how you can get a catalog of your own!


The catalog is a place I can really let Pixi fans know about my makeup tips & tricks, and what I am loving for the season – for this reason, we always start out with a personal letter from me.



A few weeks ago, we had a blog entry on our new Daylight collection – in the catalog, you can read more about these & even purchase an exclusive value kit with all of the Daylight products bundled together!



After you’re done discovering the newness, catch up on some classic Pixi favorites like Shade Quartette & Lash Line Ink…



…or one of my favorite products for Spring, Lid Last Shadow Pen – it’s amazing for a quick glowy eye with no brushes needed! Love!



Another catalog exclusive? How-to’s straight from me. I’ve always liked finding out how my favorite products work together for a gorgeous look & I hope you do too!



I love to show Pixi fans the season’s best shades & how to wear them – like this bright watermelon lip that’s perfect for the upcoming warm weather.



Looking for more of our award-winning Tinted Brilliance Balms? We have 3 new shades for Spring Summer 2013!



Same with our Endless Silky Eye Pens & Nail Colours – see new shades & insider information here!



These are just a few pages of the latest catalog – sign up to receive your own catalog by emailing It’s completely free & full of great content! Let me know how you like it!


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