Eye Enhance – Smoky Taupe


Today I want to show you a super simple & effective way to make blue eyes stand out!


See how Reese Witherspoon’s eyes really “pop” in the photo below?



The key to this look is the layering of taupe & grey hues, which provide a beautiful contrast to blue eyes.



Read on for a quick how-to on recreating this look.


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1. Use a tinted liquid concealer all around eyes (including undereye area, lids, and browbone).

2. Apply a taupey-mauve shimmery eye shadow from lash line to crease & blend.

3. Use a deep grey eye liner to line upper lash line (from center of eye to outer corner) and under eye (just outer half of lash line). Smudge so that the look is soft & subtle.

4. Curl lashes at base, midway and tip – repeat this 3 times for optimum lash curl – and apply black mascara to both upper & lower lashes.



To make your eyes really stand out, keep the rest of your makeup simple & soft.


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Find Sheer Cheek Gel at: http://www.pixibeauty.com/sheer-cheek-gel-3608


1. Cover up any imperfections with a light foundation – apply in thin layers to keep the look fresh.

2. Smooth on a pink lip balm that will enhance lips’ natural colour.

3. Apply a natural-looking gel blush in a soft pink to apples of cheeks.


So easy & gorgeous! Try it & let me know how you like it in the comments below :)

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