Great Press! February 2013

Find Eye Bright Liner at:

This month, O Magazine featured our famous Eye Bright Liner (check out last week’s entry for more information on this makeup artist favorite), saying that it “creates a gorgeous optical illusion: bigger, brighter eyes.” Yep, that’s exactly why we love this nude-hued liner too!

Find Extra Eye Bright Liner at:

Meanwhile, Latina magazine recommended our new Extra Eye Bright Liner to acheive a bright-eyed look. We agree – all you need is a swipe on the lash line for awakened eyes! Gorgeous.


Lastly, celebrity makeup artist Nick Barose ( showed us his love for Waterproof Makeup Remover during New York Fashion Week – whether you’re doing a quick change of makeup for a fashion show, or need to quickly & easily remove makeup at the end of the day (I’m more of the latter most days :) ), this non-oily remover is brilliant!

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