Holiday Makeup Help – Part 1



With Thanksgiving tomorrow and lots of holiday celebrations coming up in the next few weeks, I wanted to focus on some practical, prettifying tips – keeping it natural-looking & keeping it on with minimum touch-ups is the name of the game!




Before you can achieve your perfect holiday look, you need to make sure that your makeup will stay in place by creating the perfect canvas.


My dream holiday scene involves relaxing by the fire and chatting with family, but reality usually seems to be me hovering over the stove, running around with the kids, and harsh indoor-outdoor temperature changes, all of which can wreak havoc on makeup – unless you’re prepared! :)


The next 2 products work by “gluing” the rest of your makeup onto your skin – they’ve been tried and tested by me at every shoot I do & always are successful at keeping things fresh for 16+ hours (on the beach, under hot studio lights, in the snow, and even in the rain!!).


Find Flawless & Poreless at:

Find Eye Bright Primer at:


Use Flawless & Poreless all over your face after moisturizer and before foundation, focusing on areas where you have lines or get shiny.


Pat Eye Bright Primer onto clean & dry eye lids from lash line to brow – a little goes a long way.


Another holiday issue for some is the classic cocktail/wine/stress-induced flushed complexion – but get prepared and it’s going to be NO problem!


Find Redness Reducing Primer at:


Redness Reducing Primer works miracles to cut down on redness and also keeps skin calm & fresh – I love it for days when my skin needs extra soothing or when I know that there will be lots of excitement/stress…a.k.a. the holidays :) Also, a ruddy face is not great for family photos!


Pat on all over face, focusing on where you have redness – typically around nose and on cheeks. Use a sheer layer, let set for 30 seconds and apply foundation as normal on top.





Now that you’re prepped to perfection, let’s move on to the fun bit – a touch of colour makeup!


We all like to look our best for family & friends (and all the photos), but I always think a really natural makeup is most appropriate for the visit to the in-laws :)


We’re going for classic, sophisticated and fresh, but still family-friendly and not too intense! I like to save the super smoldering eye & neon nail colour for another occasion!


Our Shade Quartette in Shades of Daylight gives an easy, glowing, autumn-toned eye that will have everyone admiring your eyes instead of wondering what makeup you’re wearing. That’s really what holiday makeup is all about to me!


 Find Shade Quartette at:

The shades in this quad are: true deep bronze, copper glow, peach glow and gold highlighter. This combination looks amazing on brown or hazel eyes, really pops blue or green eyes, and gives that irresistible twinkle in a natural way.


Finally, these are my “cannot-go-away-without” products:

I love a good neutral bronzer – buff on all over; a sheer gel blush – tap into apples of the cheeks; waterproof eyeliner – line upper lashline & smudge; lip stain – shape & fill in lips; brow pencil & gel duo – frame and open up eyes; and mascara – waterproof is essential for me. I throw these into my makeup bag & embrace the season!


 Find Beauty Bronzer + Kabuki at:

Find Sheer Cheek Gel at:

Find Endless Silky Eye Pen at:

Find Lip Blush at:

Find Natural Brow Duo at:

Find Large Lash Mascara at:





The holiday season means family time & making memories, which typically translates into lots of photos!


A few easy steps will have you looking your best in all of the family photographs:

1. Even out skintone
2. Define eyes & brows
3. Line and fill in lips, keeping lip balm on hand for extra hydration
4. Apply bronzer all over and cheek colour on apples of cheeks – done!


As far as general photo tips, see below:

1. Few people look their best on camera facing straight on and, unless you are Christy Turlington, we all look better slightly sideways & looking toward the camera
2. Give a small smile, angle your chin upward a bit, extend the neck, think warm & friendly thoughts, and don’t blink! :)
3. For the nicest family photo, the photographer should stand slightly high (on a chair), pointing the camera slightly down
4. As far as lighting goes: if in daylight, try to have the light even for less shadows; if at night, use flash and stand in front of a neutral back ground (if you can find a white wall, that’s best!)


Good luck and all of us here at Pixi wish you the most wonderful Thanksgiving!


P.S. Stay tuned for more holiday makeup tips in the coming entries!



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