Manicure Secrets from Celebrity Manicurist April Foreman



I’ve always said that a manicure is the perfect finishing touch to any outfit – whether it’s a dramatic hue or something sweet & subtle, nail colour can have a HUGE impact!


Now, just because I love nail colour does NOT mean I am great at applying it :) That’s why I’m so excited that I met manicure master April Foreman at a recent shoot. (Behind-the-scenes exclusives on that shoot coming soon…)



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My manicure from April was super fast & lasted for days – it’s no wonder she’s one of the industry’s top manicurists!






April started in the industry over 18 years ago, in what she calls “a happy accident” – she joined manicuring school with her sister, who refused to go alone. The very first day, her sister dropped out, but April stayed at it, and the rest is history!


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One of the issues I know many struggle with (including me!) is making a manicure last – here are some of her top tips for a long wearing at-home manicure:

– clean the nail bed well before you apply anything onto nails

– always use a base coat (find out one of her all-time favorites further down in this post)

– apply polish in thin coats, allowing them to dry between applications

– follow up with a top coat, making sure to “cap” the tips

– let dry completely and apply cuticle oil & a moisturizing treatment before bed


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According to April, base coat is KEY for the best, longest-lasting manicure! The Orly one below “makes polish ‘stick’ like no other”. She also loves to customize with different treatment base coats for a clients specific needs – splitting/peeling nails, weak nails, etc.



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As for her own nails? April usually just gives hers a good buffing (with a buffing tool like the one above) since the polish remover and nail colour she uses on clients can wreak havoc on her own mani.


Although she keeps nails bare for work, April loves to get creative with her pedicures – vampy shades are among her top choices. I love a nice dark pedicure as well – try the shades below for a deep & dramatic look!



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I’d like to thank the amazing April Foreman for sharing her secrets with us today, and I know I can’t wait for my next manicure from her! :)



Stay tuned to the blog for more top tips from leading industry experts in the near future!



Have any nail tips or tricks? Tell me in the comments below!

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