Moody Blue


Lately I’ve been obsessed with deep, moody blue.


This shade is easily found in nature, like in this photo from a recent trip to Hawaii – love the depth in the colours!



Of course, when I see a gorgeous shade in nature, I immediately want to duplicate it using makeup!


I love to use a blue mascara or eyeliner to give a fresh hint of colour to the face – it’s so awakening & really makes the whites of eyes look whiter.


Find Lash Booster Mascara in Blackest Blue at:

Find Endless Silky Eye Pen in BlackBlue at:


These shades also lend themselves to more striking editorial looks, like the one below:


Makeup by Yadim, photo credit Ben Hasset.



And another look that’s maybe not suitable for the office, but stunning makeup ART nevertheless!:



For a dramatic, but still approachable moody blue statement, try wearing it on nails!


Photo courtesy of

Find PopBeauty Nail Glam in Midnight Minx at:


Simple art at home…this pretty, chalky blue is somehow both calming and energizing at the same time.



Of course, this shade is amazing to wear all-over as well! The dress below is one of my favorites:



Let me know how you use moody blue in the comments below! :)

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