Perfect Pixi Pairs!


They say that 2 is a party…and I would have to agree :) This post is about my all-time favourite duos!






The above goes for pretty much everything, not just coffee! :)



I love a good old-fashioned power duo – like in one of my favourite movies, Thelma & Louise.






Something with 2-in-1 benefits? Yes please!


An all-in-one dress that looks like a top & skirt – so smart! Takes the fuss out of packing when traveling or rushing to get dressed in the morning.




Find Altuzzara shirt dress at:



It has always been one of my biggest goals to follow the same multi-use & multi-benefit idea with makeup here at Pixi!



Below are some of my most-used dual-purpose products:






Natural Brow Duo has a waterproof pencil to fill in brows and a soft-hold gel to shape them.

Crayon Combo in Super Natural has a precise, bark-hued end to line and a chubby, luminous taupe end to define.

Illuminating Tint & Conceal has a glowing tinted moisturizer in the tube and a matching full-coverage concealer in the cap.

Lid&Line has a silky eyeliner on one end and a coordinated eyeshadow wand on the other end.

Succulent Lip Twin has a lip & cheek crème in the cap and a glossy liquid lip balm in the tube.



And who doesn’t love a powerful product pairing? Sometimes all you need is 2 products to make a real impact!




Find Large Lash Mascara at:

Find Lash Line Ink at:

Find Eye Bright Liner at:

Find Eye Bright Kit at:



DEFINED EYES: All you need is Large Lash Mascara to plump up & volumize lashes, and Lash Line Ink to fill in any sparse spots along the lash line!


BRIGHTENED EYES: Just lighten up waterline with Eye Bright Liner and correct & conceal any darkness with Eye Bright Kit!



Looking for a perfectly fresh, glowing complexion? Look no further than the tried & true combination of Glow Tonic and Flawless Beauty Primer!




Find Glow Tonic at:

Find Flawless Beauty Primer at:



And my most cherished duo? That would have to be my 4-month-old twin girls! How can you resist those adorable little faces?? I’m in LOVE :)






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