4 Steps to the Perfect Bold Lips!



A nice classy deep lip for Fall is always right! I do like a poppy red, berry or burgundy lip & cheek :)


Here are some tips on how to make it work for you this Fall!






1. To get the shade truest to what you see in the stick, tone down your natural lip colour with a touch of foundation or concealing cream.

2. Now outline just outside of your natural lip line with a nude / flesh coloured liner. Crayon Combo in Wide Awake is great for this – use the matte side to outline entire lip and the glow side to highlight cupids bow.

3. Apply your chosen lip colour with a lip brush for precision and blot with a tissue – repeat this several times (layering and blotting is the key to keep a bold/deep lip in place). Depending on the look you want, add a balm or gloss on top, focusing on the center of the lips for the best effect.

4. I like to finish off by pressing the lips with my finger to set.




Find Concealing Concentrate at: http://bit.ly/XjwIi6

Find Crayon Combo in Wide Awake at: http://bit.ly/1C21eLr

Find Lip Brush at: http://bit.ly/1stZCJv



I love the shades below for a stunning bold Fall lip!




Find Succulent Lip Twin in Poppy Red at: http://bit.ly/1oYgq6i

Find Tinted Brilliance Balm in Bitten Berry at: http://bit.ly/WHjNav

Find Shea Butter Lip Balm in Ripe Raspberry at: http://bit.ly/VIjlZ8



If you don’t have time to do the perfect bold lip (it does require some maintenance), just throw on a dress in red, wine or burgundy & smoke up your eyes! This will quickly and easily take you from office to cocktail hour :)




Find Crayon Combo in Super Smoky at: http://bit.ly/1C21eLr



Have fun creating your bold lip & make sure to share your look with me on social media by using the hashtags #pixibeauty or #pixipretty!




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