Pixi Classics, 15 Years & Counting!


It’s Pixi’s 15th anniversary month! Here are some of my favourite products & memories throughout the years!




As frequent readers of the blog will know, Pixi is and always has been all about natural, effortless, fuss-free beauty. Throughout the years, I’ve made sure that all Pixi products stay true to that beauty philosophy!




Some of my favourite Pixi products in store today were launched 15 years ago! Now THAT’s staying power :)



Find Flawless Vitamin Veil at: http://bit.ly/X51ewX

Find Eye Bright Kit at: http://bit.ly/1xpXgy5

Find Lash Booster Mascara at: http://bit.ly/1pgQXEZ

Find Sheer Cheek Gel at: http://bit.ly/1vlYd6s


These iconic products create the perfect Pixi face:

  • Flawless Vitamin Veil is a crème-to-powder adjustable coverage foundation that enhances complexion’s glow while looking completely natural on skin.
  • Eye Bright Kit is a travel-friendly quad with 2 concealers, a brightener, and a highlighter that delivers a fresh, wide-awake look.
  • Lash Booster Mascara in Blackest Blue is a waterproof, lash-curling eye enhancer that has a hint of blue to counteract redness and make eyes look extra bright.
  • Sheer Cheek Gel is the perfect translucent, aloe vera infused gel blush to give a hint of a flush to cheeks.



And who doesn’t love an eye palette?! I’ve always aimed to create carefully edited & makeup-artist-worthy collections so that it’s super easy to swish on a few shades and have a perfectly coordinated look!


Here are some of the best from past to present:



Find Mesmerizing Mineral Palette at: http://bit.ly/1vlYd6s


Our flagship store is also celebrating 15 years of being a London beauty destination!


My passion is still going into the store to do makeovers, bringing out women’s own natural beauty and seeing their reactions when they look in the mirror :) I LOVE bringing Pixi-pretty to the masses.




The store holds some exclusive longtime Pixi secrets – like skincare & fragrance!




In celebration of this milestone, I want to remind everyone that our gorgeous 15th anniversary shade is available online now!



Photo via: http://www.thedailyvarnish.com

Find Nail Colour in Crystal Champagne at: http://bit.ly/1jXjDPH


I want to give a huge THANK YOU to all of the Pixi fans out there – I am looking forward to creating more memories and Pixi-perfect products for you for many more years to come!!




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