Precious Pewter



Pewter is a mix of metals and, depending on the mix, is a fascinating colour with lots of dimension – perfect for a touch of nail brightening.


For our new Precious Pewter nail colour, we mixed black, silver & gold shimmer with a hint of purple-y plum…I think we have a winner!


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My inspiration behind the colour? An antique English pewter serving plate!



Those of you who know me know that most of my time not working is spent rummaging around vintage stores!

Wherever I travel, I always manage to find some hidden and forgotten treasures. I see beauty in the used & the history of things and very rarely buy new things for my house :)

These antiques often inspire me in my work creating colours, textures and new products for Pixi.



This is the FUN part of my job!!! Having a go at trying to create a colour that reminds me of antique pewter…ooh la la! It took a few tries :)

I dream about colours – I love the nuances of different shades, mixing different glow pigments and strange colour combinations together to see what happens. Once in a while, something unusual and fun is created, I send to the lab, and voila…a new Pixi shade is born!


The result…


…my favorite nail colour this fall season!


P.S. Be sure to check out our other Nail Colours for Fall 2013 – Charcoal Celebration and Deepest Dahlia…gorgeous!


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