Spring Summer 2014 Collection Masterclass


As of yesterday, it is officially Spring!!


I wanted to celebrate by showing you all of the new products for our Spring Summer 2014 collection :)


Find H2O Skintint at: http://bit.ly/OIjVll


First up, we have a gorgeously textured tinted face gel. Different from the typical foundation, H2O Skintint is water-based, feather-light, and has a refreshing and calming feel as you apply. It gives a beautiful semi-matte finish that controls oil while keeping skin hydrated. I’ve used this on all types of skin, and I can say that it works beautifully on dry, oily, and combination!


Use a foundation brush to apply thin layers for best result.



Cheek Sheen coming soon to www.pixibeauty.com


Next is the fabulous Cheek Sheen – it’s sheer, long-wear, hydrating cheek colour in a pop-up stick! The finish on these is pretty & dewy, leaving skin soft and looking lit-from-within. Unique formula plumps & protects skin while giving you a fresh hint-of-tint.


Dab onto cheeks straight from the stick, then softly blend out with clean fingertips. Also can be dabbed onto lips for a coordinated glow.


Find Shea Butter Lip Balm at: http://bit.ly/1djyV4P


Here we have my new favorite lip treat, Shea Butter Lip Balm! These adorable balms come in super-enhancing shades that make lips look amazing, but they are also intensely hydrating and nourishing for lips. I have these stashed all around the house and in my handbags – such a perfect way to perk up the face plus soften and protect lips at the same time!


Sweep onto lips straight from the tube. Blot with fingertips for a more sheer stain. Apply with a lip brush for a more precise pout. Try the Comfort Clear shade as an intense overnight lip treatment.



Find Mesmerizing Mineral Palette at: http://bit.ly/1gjKWrd


Up next we have our new Mesmerizing Mineral Palette! In 3 lush colourways, these eye shadow palettes enhance eyes with silky smooth pigments that are effortless to blend. Gemstone-inspired shades enliven in an instant!


Each palette looks great on any eye shade, but to really contrast & bring out unique eye hues, I like to use Emerald Gold on brown eyes, Plum Quartz on blue or grey eyes, and Copper Peach on green or hazel eyes! Use a light shade all over the lid, a medium shade in the crease, and a dark shade to line upper lash line for a polished look.



Find Endless Silky Eye Pen at: http://bit.ly/1gR35eX


Next is a new shade of our best-selling, waterproof, long-lasting, amazing Endless Silky Eye Pen – BronzeBeam! I’ve been trying to create the perfect bronze eyeliner for a while, and I think this is it! It’s not too dark, not too light – just one of those gorgeously enhancing neutral shades that lights up the eyes and can be worn with any look.


Trace onto lash line with short strokes, blending quickly after application if desired. Dress up a BronzeBeam eye with lots of mascara and a coral lip, or keep it low-key with some bronzer and clear lip balm.


Find Natural Brow Duo at: http://bit.ly/1r8f7oL


Here we have two brand new shades of the already super-popular Natural Brow Duo. Do you have darker brows? These are for you! New Deep Brunette and Soft Black perfectly fill in & tame brows with an angled pencil on one side and a soft-hold gel on the other.


Fill in brows with soft strokes of the angled pencil – press lightly for less colour, or harder for more colour. Use the soft-hold gel on the other side to brush through brows and keep them intact all day.


Find Nail Colour at: http://bit.ly/1mlwOQQ


Last but not least, we have three new shades of Nail Colour – Oh So Orange, Lime Lustre, and Sizzling Sunshine! I custom-mixed these shades to be fresh & vibrant for Spring & Summer – I can’t wait to wear them on tips & toes when the weather gets a little warmer :) As always, the formula applies smoothly, is 3-free, long-lasting, and chip resistant.


For great at-home manicure tips, read our entry featuring celebrity manicurist April Foreman here: http://bit.ly/1djE9NW



Look for the new collection in Target stores in the coming weeks, and let me know your favorite product!


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