Swedish Midsummer Magic!


This weekend marks one of my favorite times of the year – Swedish Midsummer!


Being from Sweden originally, I grew up celebrating this holiday which prides itself on being the longest day of the year…and that is really something to celebrate when you’re from a country where there’s limited light & sunshine for much of the year! It is a gorgeous time when all of nature seems to be in bursting into full swing, lending a romantic, idyllic feeling to the whole country.


On Midsummer’s eve, unmarried girls all across Sweden will be placing 7 freshly-picked flowers under their pillows and dreaming of, according to Swedish folklore, their future husbands!



On Midsummer’s day, we flock to the countryside – towns & cities are almost completely empty. From there, we surround ourselves with family & friends, dancing around the maypole, eating & drinking, swimming in lakes, and staying up all night to celebrate the light – sometimes we don’t sleep for a few days! It’s a very folksy, nostalgic, magical time.