Target Style Fall 2013 Trend – Bold Lip



I got so excited when I was asked to design 3 looks for Target’s commercial / style show & event!


Here is how I always start planning a look: I cut out photos of the style I want to achieve / things I’ve saved / textures that inspire me and put a moodboard together on how it could look and what Pixi products to use.


Then I do some good old fashioned face painting on our Pixi face chart to see how it all could come together.



For this strong lip look, I (and the rest of the team of 21 makeup artists!) used the following 3 simple steps:

1. Outline lip contour with a skin colour (or slightly lighter) crayon. Stick concealer would also work great.

2. Pick your perfect red. We used Succulent Lip Twin in Poppy Red (the creamy part in the cap), dabbing it on with fingers to get a great velvet effect. Use a brush if you want more precision.

3. Final step is to blot the lips every so lightly. I like to put a tissue onto lips and then blot on top using a fluffy brush dipped into some translucent powder.


Find Succulent Lip Twin in Poppy Red at:

Find Crayon Combo in Wide Awake at:

Find Flawless Finishing Powder at:



For showtime, as I really wanted the lips on the models to be BRIGHT and stand out, I layered the lipstick with a brilliant ruby-red powder.

If you have a red toned blush this will work just as well!


Once you design the look and have it all approved, it’s time to execute!

With 21 great artists, divided into 3 teams, we got it done just in time – we had 30 models + 20 dancers to make up!


Find Nail Colour in Charcoal Celebration at:


In the last few years, nails have been getting more and more attention, and we always now incorporate the nail look into the whole picture – that never used to happen a few years back!


Our models turned out gorgeous – and the biggest compliment to me?…

They all wanted the makeup after the show!!!! :)



If you have not seen it already – above is the end result – sooo proud!!!


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