Time for Bright Eyes!

The eyes tend to be the first thing that show signs of a busy day or a sleepless night – that’s why it’s so important to have some reliable products to get those eyes back to looking bright & awakened!

 Superstar makeup artist Nick Barose divulged on his instagram (http://followgram.me/dilokritbarose) that he recently used our Eye Bright Kit on the beautiful Kate Mara – we’re big fans of this handy palette too! With 1 brightener, 2 concealers, and 1 highlighter, the eye area is instantly illuminated – and, as you’ll learn in the tutorial below, it’s so easy to use…

If you’re looking to be bright-eyed in a few simple steps, you only really need 3 products:

  1. Using fingers, apply Eye Bright Kit to eye area – dab brightener onto inner & outer corners of eyes, pat concealers over the brightener & across lid to create a more even skintone, then lightly blend the highlighter onto tops of cheekbones, below brow bones, and dot onto the tear duct area of eyes.
  2. Apply Eye Bright Liner to lower inner rims of eyes (also called “waterline”) – it’s the area between the lashes and eye itself. To extend wear time, try lightly drying the area with a cotton swab before applying Eye Bright Liner.
  3. After curling lashes, use Lash Booster Mascara in Blackest Blue. This shade is dark enough that it looks black, but has a subtle hint of blue that really opens up eyes & cuts out redness. It’s my go-to mascara!

Curious about the Eye Bright Liner? It’s one of my favorite products, as is the new Extra Eye Bright Liner!


The original Eye Bright Liner is a waterproof flesh-toned liner designed to be applied to the inner rims of eyes. The colour extends the visual area of the eye, making it appear so much larger & the eye white look super bright.


This Spring, the original Eye Bright Liner gets intensified with our new & exciting Extra Eye Bright Liner – it’s the same waterproof formula with a hint of pale lavender to really perk up eyes for an even brighter look!


OK, enough talk – just look at the effects of these liners below!

The black liner creates an intense look (try Pop Beauty In-Liner in In Black for a great black inner rim liner that won’t budge), while Eye Bright Liner makes a beautifully natural enhanced eye, and Extra Eye Bright Liner is EXTRA brightening & awakening.

Follow the link below to see beauty editor Val Monroe explaining the benefits of the original version of this little magic pencil!


Since one of my main goals with Pixi is to make all products multipurpose, these twist-up (that means no sharpening!) pencils work wonders to brighten anywhere! Here are some tricks from some of the girls in the Pixi office:

Arie – “I put it on the inner corner of my eye, close to the bridge of my nose, to brighten up that area and make me look more wide awake.”

Sara B – “I like to reapply during the day to refresh eyes, since they start to feel tired and look red from being at a computer all day.”

Megan – “I love to trace it around the edge of the lips – this acts as a highlighter to make lips look larger & also keeps my lip colour in place all day!”

 Take a look at the video below to watch me show you how to use Eye Bright Liner around lips:

 Lastly, I wanted to show you how versatile these nude-hued eye liners are! Add to a minimal & fresh look to create a wide-eyed effect OR add to your smoky eye to really open it up & keep it from looking too heavy. Very different looks, but very gorgeous either way!

What is your favorite eye-brightening trick? Do you ever use nude eye liners? Tell me in the comments below!

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