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Large Lash Mascara

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Great mascara
By Gabby on 15 Jan, 2015
Doesn't clump, even if you use two coats. Just wish that it was waterproof !
Pretty lashes
By Johnna on 14 Nov, 2014
This is the easiest mascara to apply that I have ever tried, it just glides on perfectly. The black is so bold and it gives your lashes a nice fringe. It don't know why but even with the oversized brush, I never have to clean up my eye area after applying. It just never messes up for me, such a relief!
Everything you need and more!
By Jasmine on 20 Sep, 2013
The number one problem I have with using mascaras is when they make my lashes stick together and look like spiders. However, this mascara separates each lash while giving them a beautiful colour!!! Thank you Pixi!!!

100/10 WILL buy again!
lush lashes to the hilt
By dutchess windsor on 24 Aug, 2013
if u want to look like u r wearing fake eyelashes u can achieve it with this mascara. in a few coats drys fast never clumps and water proof. luv it so much i have used the most expensive brands out there and this is a realy good on. i am in luv with it right now. if u want to go for a natural look go a little easy on the application and apply lighter. will just give that fluttery flurtie look u need for a everyday on the go show.. first time i used it i applied it in the car and we were late for an appointment. my driver was doing 65 mls prh and hitting bumps but nothing got on me or my skin just my lashes and they dried really quick.
The Best!
By Audrey on 25 Jul, 2013
I have tried so, so many mascaras in my life and most (75%) go in the bin after one use. I've been using Pixi Large Lash mascara for the last 6 months and wouldn't even think of switching to anything else. I have long eyelashes and with other products within 3 minutes there is a black smudge under my eyes - but not with Large Lash! It's a pleasure to apply, comes in a cute tube and stays in place until I decide otherwise! The best!
Lush, Full Lashes
By Sammy on 25 Jun, 2013
This is my HG mascara at the moment. It provides a dense, black color, which I love - no brown mascara for me please! I like my eyes to stand out. No smudging whatsoever and I'm one that is prone to mascara smudges. One coat of this mascara will impart more of a natural look. Two-three coats of this mascara and I have lushly full and long lashes. My lashes never feel crunchy. If I could muster up one complaint it would be the price as I've never paid $18 for a mascara in my life, but it does last a while and it certainly performs for me.
Nice application
By MiniCooperGirl on 23 Jun, 2013
This product applies very well. My second favorite mascara wand (I like the one on Almay's Get up and Grow mascara). But be warned--it is definitely not waterproof (not that it's advertised that way anyways). The plus side is that it washes off very well though! I hope to try the other mascara soon, but I love my brown mascara for my daily natural look, and am reluctant to buy black or navy...
Simple, Clean Mascara
By Erin on 04 Jun, 2013
I like this mascara, mainly because I am not a daily mascara user and it doesn't feel heavy. The product is light, smooth (non clumpy!), easy to apply (love the fat brush), and the brown is truly brown. I don't find it to be "false lash" volumizing, but it is buildable. One or two swipes for a more natural look, and go to town/layer it on for a night out look. It does smudge a little after a 12 hour work day, but for the most part, it's clean and takes very little clean up or maintenance. I see it as more of an accent after using the silky eye pen and fairy light solos.

8 Item(s)

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Large Lash Mascara

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