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Lash Line Ink

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Black Silk Intense black
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By Brianne on 01 Jan, 2016
Once you go liquid, you never go back. Super easy to use, super precise, and it doesn't seem to smudge or run during the day.
By Stina on 26 Dec, 2015
This liner is so easy to use and apply. I love it for my hooded eyes as the thin liner doesn't cover my lids to heavily. On the other side, you can layer it for a thicker look if desired. I'm giving four stars because it's staying power isn't as powerful as I'd like. I have no complaints as the product doesn't move onto other ares of my eyes (an issue I often have with hooded lids), but it's very easy to wipe away by accident. It's still a great product and I will keep in my daily regiment.
By Kate on 04 Jul, 2015
I had thought I found the perfect eyeliner before this one, but this is nearly exactly what I had been using, and it's from a company I'm proud to stand behind.
Easy to Use!
By Anonymous on 25 Jun, 2015
This is the perfect product for creating thin lines and winged tips! i really like how easy this product is to use. The formula is really long lasting which is perfect for long days. I really love this liner and totally recommend it!
Doesn't budge
By Gabby on 09 May, 2015
This stuff is great! Doesn't budge once you put it on, and the felt tip makes for very easy precision. Very intense black
By Sara on 31 Mar, 2015
I have been on the hunt for the perfect eyeliner. I have tried plenty gel, pencil, etc. All of them, ranging in price, have had similar issues such as 1) rubbing off onto my eyelid immediately after application 2)i would need to apply several strokes to get a jet black color that would end up erasing the other lines. not sure if that makes sense? but anyways I recently tried pixi skin tint so decided to try this as well. I LOVE IT! I immediately fell in love. None of the issues described above have come up after using this for a week. I am so happy I found a good eyeliner that I normally use for a cat eye effect. THANKS PIXIBEAUTY!
Favorite liner
By Bernadett on 31 Jan, 2015
This liner is my favorite, it is nonirritating and long lasting. The color stays dark, and it easy to use. The value is great and beats other liners by far for its excellent quality.
Best eyeliner EVER!!!!
By Veronica on 27 Jan, 2015
this is awesome liquid eyeliner that creates a beautiful and precise liner. this pen is also very easy to use
Gorgeous Liquid Liner!
By Kathy on 25 Jan, 2015
This liner is so easy to use and looks so gorgeous when you create a beautiful wing or subtle eyeliner line.
By McKenzie on 17 Jan, 2015
beautiful eyeliner that defines eyes very easily with this awesome brush-like applicator tip and works like a charm! Use it every single day and can't like without it

Items 1 to 10 of 21 total

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Pixi by Petra Lash Line Ink

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