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Flawless Beauty Primer

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NOT good for skin with RED undertones
By Lila on 14 Apr, 2016
I really LOVE Pixi products. With that being said, this was not one of my favorites. I have a lot of red in my skin, and this was not a good match for me. It seems to just make my red more pronounced and did not hide my flaws as hoped. I also did not think that it helped my make-up last.

I do love their other primer though!
Subtle radiance
By Diana on 15 Dec, 2015
I am so glad I tried this product!!. I usually don't buy makeup at Target. I do prefer it in the bottle, instead of the new tube. ( it is better to see when I am runny low) I use it every morning, apply a very light foundation ,and a quick dusting of quality powder to set. Perfection! I am 60 and still prefer a understated glow. I have told my best friends about this product, they love it as well!

Excellent glow!
By Amy on 03 Dec, 2015
I LOVE this primer. My foundation goes on well on top and I look glowy without looking shiny/oily!
Can't live without!
By AMANDA on 22 Nov, 2015
I just can't live without this product . . . I have a bottle and it has lasted me awhile but I am getting very close to being out and I just can't be without this primer. It goes on so nice, blends with my skin color and gives me a glow. I don't even need any foundation on after this. So natural looking!
Love, Love, Love!
By AMANDA on 24 Oct, 2015
I have had this product for over 6 months and I use it everyday and I still have some left. It lasts forever, you only need to use a dab of it on each side of your face and it leaves it looking flawless with a glow and I don't even need any foundation afterwards. I just love this product!
Lovely product!
By Kristine on 27 Sep, 2015
I love this primer and recommend it to everyone as I keep getting compliments whenever I wear it!
hydrating and perfect
By Ashley on 03 Sep, 2015
This primer gives me a great glow without being shiny. Powder foundation easily goes on over it, but it's nice to use it on lazy days when you just don't feel like putting on makeup but still want your skin to have that even tone. I typically find primers heavy or oily or shiny, but this one is perfect.
Two ways to use this.
By Steph on 09 Aug, 2015
If you are having a lazy day I feel like you could apply just this by patting it on (to get more of a sheen) and then apply bronzer to get a glow but no makeup. If you want less "color" as it has a peachy/pink tint (at least on my skin) you rub it across your face to make it thinner and then it basically works like a normal primer and you would continue to put on your makeup. I may try the translucent edition the next time I'm at Target to see how it applies on my skin. If you are curious about this go to Target and try it. This also comes in a small travel size for $9 at Target if you want more than a sample but aren't sure you want the whole bottle (or you're actually traveling lol). This is the only brand at Target that actually has samples and I love that!
Best Primer
By Brooke on 22 Jul, 2015
I love this primer and have been using it on and off for five years. It does everything that a primer should. It evens out the complexion and allows me to apply less foundation, it makes my makeup last all day, and it provides a beautiful glow all while making my skin look airbrushed. I can't reccomemd it enough!
A bit too popular!
By Amber on 18 Apr, 2015
I love this primer, as does everyone I know who's tried it. It's worked well on all skin tones and types. It gives a lovely,subtle glow, not even what I'd think of as shimmery. Great for a no makeup day.
In fact, my flatmates liked it so much, I need to buy another bottle!

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Pixi Beauty Flawless Beauty Primer

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