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Eye Bright Kit

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Love this quad!
By Kathy on 25 Jan, 2015
this quad is a wonderful quad that makes you look awake instantly, and the highlighter brightener, and concealers all work amazingly!
Best highlighter ever!
By Audrey on 17 Jan, 2015
I love this whole kit and all the products in it, but I especially am in love with the highlighter in this little quad! Blends beautifully and definitely worth getting for just highlighter even!
Use Everyday
By Jennifer on 05 Dec, 2014
I love this under-eye concealer, and use it everyday (even when I don't wear any other makeup). The palette really makes you look well-rested and bright-eyed. The peachy color included completely masks bluish dark circles, and the other two shades of concealer blend well for covering redness. I love that a sparkly highlighter is included for use at the corners of eyes, below brows, and atop cheek bones. My skin is slightly olive-toned, and concealers often look clownish around my eyes, but this one blends perfectly.
By Eve on 24 Sep, 2014
Yes, this little round palette does brighten up your eye area. What I like is that it leaves a natural, not concealer look. Since there are four shades to choose from, it's your choice whether you need a slight pink or more yellow-tone.

I'm a fan of Pixi's packaging and this is no exception. Cut little palette which lasts a long while.
Great Pixi Product!
By Nora on 06 Sep, 2014
I acquired this by accident after asking my boyfriend to run in and grab a entirely different Pixi product at our local retail seller. Though my frustration at him purchasing something entirely different then what I was in need of grew higher and higher I set that aside to try and see why they'd market such a product. I have seen eye brightness products before as we all yearn to look younger, to hide our lack of sleep, and just to not show minor under eye imperfections. I just didn't feel my biggest need fell amongst this area at the time. It wasn't until I brought it out shortly after its purchase to check out what the need was for or "the big deal". I was sloppy in my application the first time and instantly I was amazed at what this did. It made my eyes seem wider not bulgy but wide eyed and brighter. I seemed more youthful and rested, alert and with the day not sidelined by it as I was before. Since then this has been a routine addition to my makeup and it's a pretty good mess up my loved one made, one that has me with the want to use each time I am applying makeup because my face doesn't feel the same without it. It helps a ton with the idea it can hide a late night before or stressed eyes and other aging things as well. I don't know if it has been given enough credit in terms of Pixi products but it will.
By Lisa on 27 Aug, 2014
Watch the video on this, and it will help how you apply this. Once you discover the secret of Petra's touch, it will be magic on your eyes!
Best under eye concealer
By Ct mom on 07 Aug, 2013
I bought this product with little hope that it would work any better than all the many other products I've used to conceal under eye dark circles. But I was wrong! This is by far the best. It glides on easily and nearly invisibly. It significantly brightens the area around my eyes giving me a rested and younger look. Love it!

7 Item(s)

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Eye Bright Kit

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