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Correction Concentrate

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Brightening Peach Neutralizing and brightening soft peach
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Helps Cover Up My Dark Circles
By Erica on 22 Aug, 2014
I have extremely dark circles and I am glad I discovered this correction paste. I have just started using it and have seen a difference right away. I dab it under my eyes before my concealer. Then I spray my face with a setting spray.
It is a small container, so hopefully the product lasts as long for me as it has for others who have left reviews.
Life Saver
By laura on 22 Aug, 2014
It totally takes care of my dark circles and makes me look like I'VE SLEPT!!! jjajajjajajja! I highly recommend this product!
Seriously awesome!
By Ashley on 14 Aug, 2014
This is the perfect concealer for the dark under eye. I'm pretty pale and this blended in so nicely without looking like oh she's trying to hide something. I haven't found anything else like it because most alternatives are thicker and don't blend out as well. This has a nice creamy consistency like a lip balm a bit, just a touch thicker. It's easy to apply with just your finger but once I tried it with a brush that was pretty nice too. It let me spread it out better but if you are in a pinch or don't care, the finger way is fine. It also doesn't take much at all to use. I just finished out a container I purchased at the beginning of March this year and here we are the start of August and I need a new one. It's just a great product.
Love it!
By Kylie on 05 Aug, 2014
Magic in a jar. A make up must have! Works perfectly on dark circles.
Works Great
By Jacqueline on 12 Jul, 2014
Works great under my eyes and covers a dark vein I have. I also use it on a dark small scar (that probably no one else but myself notices) right above my lip/below my nose and this concealer covered it perfectly! No more having to layer on foundation for it to only come through.
Great Coverage!
By Lynette on 03 Jun, 2014
I received this at Gen Beauty by Ipsy and really liked the coverage and blended very easily!
Bright Eyes!
By Eliza on 03 Jun, 2014
Finally something that really works! I have struggled to find anything that covers and brightens my eye area. I have severe dark circles due to broken capillaries and allergies. In short, this works!
'THE' Product!
By Reyhan on 08 May, 2014
This is THE live-saving product I have ever used. The only thing you need for a fresh look. Definitely suits all skin tones.
Buy one and you will never regret it!
Surprisingly effective
By CoCo on 23 Apr, 2014
This is a light(weight), non-cakey and perfectly blending(in) concealer. I have used a bit for the under eye area but it works surprisingly well for the random "spot" concealment as well.
Amazing product:)
By anna on 10 Apr, 2014
I tried many eye correcting products but this is by far my favourite! I wasn't too sure about the colour at first, because how one concealer can suit all?! Turned out it can;)
It's creamy, which makes applying it easy, blends really well with my skin, leaving my under eye area moisture and relaxed.

I'm not a morning person and applying this helps me covering dark circles and makes me look more rested!
Thank you Pixi! will definitely order again;)

Items 11 to 20 of 30 total

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Correction Concentrate

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