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Line Relax Serum

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Serene Translucent
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By Esther on 17 Mar, 2015
This is a great product for a glowing complexion. It gives a smooth canvas for my makeup.
simply amazing!
By Kali on 08 Mar, 2015
I can not say this enough, Petra is a genius!! She knows women and the torture we put our skin through and gives us products to help recover and revive. This little bottle of heaven being one of them. I have been using it for almost 4 months (on my second bottle) paired with my amazing Shea Moisture face cleansing bar and Pixi Glow Tonic and have noticed a major difference in my skin. The deep lines in my forehead and between my brow from years of scowling have pretty much gone away completely. I apply after my moisturizer (for acne prone skin so it's a tad drying; you could absolutely use the serum alone as a moisturizer) I love the cool, calming sensation it gives my face! My only negative would be the smell is a bit "chemically" for lack of a better word, but it isn't over powering at all and disipates as soon as you apply. Not unpleasant enough to take away a star, just a little off putting at first.
Spa in a Bottle!
By Heather on 07 Mar, 2015
I have already reordered this product once and will again. I have noticed a reduction in the appearance of lines and wrinkles and an increase in softness. I look forward to putting on my serum every day.
outstanding serum
By Leslie on 15 Feb, 2015
I have been using this for a week now and I can see a big improvement,I'm 46 and I look much younger with the help of this,the glow tonic and the beauty stick,thank you Pixi!
Best product ever!
By Tiana on 27 Jan, 2015
this is a fabulous product, use it every morning before applying makeup and makes fine lines and wrinkles disappear
I love this serum!
By Kathy on 25 Jan, 2015
this serum works amazing and is almost like a primer, it is that amazing! also is very moisturizing and definitely a great product!
love to use as moisturizer!
By Ashley on 19 Jan, 2015
this serum is not drying to the face at all, and i love to use it instead of a moisturizer! it works wonderfully and smooths lines very well!
Fabulous Serum!
By Abby on 09 Dec, 2014
This serum is wonderful, especially for touch-ups during the day. Very easy to use and instantly smoothes out wrinkles and fine lines.
Great Product
By cshells83 on 07 Jul, 2013
I love everything about this product. My skin feels great after using it and it also has a very light fragrance to it that is very pleasant. Most of the time I just use it on its own without any other make up and I have seen the condition of the skin on my face improve with continued use.
I love this product!
By hautemomma33 on 22 May, 2013
I bought the Line Relax Serum a few months back and am hooked! It gives my skin a silky feel and adds just the right amount of iridescence. I was worried that it would be too heavy under my foundation but it makes my skin look so even that I have switched to a tinted moisturizer.

10 Item(s)

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Line Relax Serum

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