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Extra Eye Bright Liner

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ExtraBright Pale white-pink-lavender
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By Liz on 29 Apr, 2016
Fun to add to your routine, and adds a something little extra.
I'm hooked!
By Jessica on 28 Nov, 2015
I never used this technique before. I bought this intending to use it for those no makeup, makeup days. I was shocked at how big it made my eyes look, crazy! Not just big but more alert, younger almost. Now I can't be without it :)
By sweetnunique on 27 Oct, 2015
This eyebrightener for the waterline is a must have! It immediately rejuvenates your tired eyes I am not kidding and for a mom it's a big deal to look fresh and awake! Pixi I love you please keep up the good work. I will be uploading a haul video on my YouTube check it out!
Love this!
By Jillian on 15 Sep, 2015
This is a perfect pick-me-up for those tired eyes! Just add this to your makeup routine and voila your eyes are beautiful and the star of the show! (My daughter is In her Twenties and she loves this, too. It works great for us Fourty-somethings as well!)
Awesome Product
By April on 16 Jul, 2015
I use this product everyday in my waterline. If you want your eyes to look wide awake & refreshed, use this product. It works like a charm when my eyes are red or tired, it makes them look refreshed and more white. Use it before you take photos and your eyes will pop.
By Gerry on 28 May, 2015
I always used this type of eye brightening pencil but I love the color of this one.It's an eye opener and very easy to apply.
Bought this for my wedding day and in love ever since!
By Valerie on 08 May, 2015
I never knew how much I needed this product until after I bought it. I was looking for something to "help" for wedding pictures and took a chance. Wow. Whenever I need an eye "pop" this is the product I reach for. Love it! Doesn't irritate my eyes, either, and I'm a contact wearer.
Great for tired brown eyes.
By Amber on 18 Apr, 2015
I wasn't sure to get this or the other colour, and chose this as the model in this video has brown eyes and similar colouri to me. great choice. Really wakes up my eyes, perfect for early morning starts. The only thing I don't like is that it tends to get on my lower lashes - but I suspect that is my fault!
look more awake!
By lisa on 27 Feb, 2015
I bought this is the nude and the extra light. Luv both. Definitely makes me look more awake. I use it on my waterline. Smooth and creamy. Push up color that you do not need to sharpen. My daughter loves it too! Perfect even on days u dont want to wear much makeup...makes all the difference!!
extra brightening!
By Veronica on 27 Jan, 2015
this brightens your eyes very well and looks fabulous! just makes your complexion look fresh, as well!

Items 1 to 10 of 19 total

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Pixi Beauty Extra Eye Bright Liner

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