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Dual Sharpener

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Dual Sharpener
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By Kym on 22 May, 2016
Thank you Petra for creating this amazing sharpener! I'll never buy another kind of sharpener again!
Great sharpener
By Liz on 14 Feb, 2016
This came with one of my eye liner sets and it works great.
Five-Star Sharpener!
By Patricia on 23 Sep, 2015
I have pretty much every sharpener known to man! This one, however, is my absolute favorite. I do use the little pick which helps get stuff unstuck. And of course, I love the color of Pixi products!
The best sharpener
By Kate on 04 Jul, 2015
I love this sharpener. I had an old cheap one from years ago that kept breaking my pencils. This one has two sizes and a blade cleaner to dislodge stubborn product.
Pencil saver
By Maria on 16 Jun, 2015
The drug store sharpener I had would always break my eyeliners, lip liners, and stick eyeshadows. The pixi sharpener doesn't ruin my liners and etc. One problem I'm facing is that I accidently chipped off the part where it holds in the blade cleaner. I think pixi should make it so that it doesn't chip off, so now my blade cleaner falls out. Not the end of the world, I just got a small piece of masking tape and that did the job!
Must for pencil users.
By Amber on 18 Apr, 2015
Sharpe, precise, versatile- what more could you want? The pick is so useful, I can't believe no ones made one before!
Must have
By Kassandra on 12 Apr, 2015
I made the mistake of using an old leftover sharpener once, and it ravaged the tip. Seriously, the amount of product you'll waste with lesser sharpeners is much greater than the cost of this one. Super worth it.
perfect sharpener
By Leslie on 15 Feb, 2015
I only have to twist my eyeliner pencils a few times to get the result I want instead of several times because the blades are sharp and stay that way.
great sharpener!
By Ashley W. on 01 Feb, 2015
This sharpener is very sharp and creates a precise point on a variety of pencil products. I really like the inclusion of a pick that can be used to clean the sharpener. Really useful!
By Danielle on 28 Jan, 2015
this is a wonderful sharpener that works fabulous to sharpen the chubby eyeshadow pencils pixi makes and the eyeliner pencils!

Items 1 to 10 of 16 total

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Dual Sharpener

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