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Glow Tonic


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Give it a Try!
By RG on 01 Aug, 2014
I ordered this after seeing all of the rave reviews. I have acne prone skin but it isnt bad enough to bother me much- but I've decided to try to clear it up. I use this once a day right now as my skin is very very sensitive and allergic however, I havent had any problems with it. It has a light scent that I dont notice much and disappears quickly. It does seem to be making a difference, I wish it were a little cheaper but I will continue to repurchase because it really is a good product- and it's not nearly as expensive as some other toners that would probably do exactly the same thing.
By Annie on 28 Jul, 2014
I have some complicated skin, and when I ordered this product after reading the reviews, I saw a difference right away. My skin will let me know within minutes if it likes what I use because it will irritate my skin right away. With this product it did not react negatively. I love the glow and brightness it gives to my skin and how clear my skin is and even through "mother nature's" time when your face tends to break out more it kept it calm. I love this product and can't wait for it to come back in stock to order more, to keep in my stash ;-) Please keep this product in STOCK!!!
My one and only!
By Eliza on 07 Jul, 2014
I never had acne until pregnancy and post-baby. My skin completely changed after having my daughter. It was oily and very problematic. This is THE ONLY thing that has worked for clearing my post-baby breakouts. I can't say enough great things about it. I feel like I have my pre-baby skin back. Just ordered two more bottles. I never want to run out of this stuff! I wish it was available at Target too!
Totally smitten!!
By Redd on 26 Jun, 2014
I have been using Glow Tonic for less than a week, and my skin already looks and feels amazing! It is evening out my skin tone, drastically reducing redness, and making my face glow. I can't believe the transformation in such a short period of time! It's even clearing up my eczema. Plus, it smells divine! I will definitely keep ordering this amazing stuff!!
You have to try it
By Erin on 21 Jun, 2014
I used a whole bottle of this and it definitely cleared up my acne-prone pregnancy skin. Thought the price was steep so went back to my old toner... BAD MOVE. I didn't realize how pretty my skin looked until I quit using it. The price is still rough. Wish there was a B2G1 or some other offer that helped make it more manageable.
Just try it!!
By Kali on 18 Jun, 2014
I have been using the glow tonic for almost a month now, and it's A-MAY-ZING! It truly does give a nice glow to the skin. First thing I noticed is that it had a VERY strong smell! The boyfriend thinks it smells a little "old lady-ish" I can easily see how it might be a little overwhelming to some with sensitivity to floral scents. I tend to get headaches from overly perfumed products, and although it may be strong, it's nothing I can't handle. The main ingredients are aloe vera and ginseng. I personally think it has a rose sent as well, but the package doesn't say that it contains rose water, so that could just be me. I started off only using it at night, and noticed right away almost a bit of sheen to my skin when I woke up. Did all the right things a toner should do: tightened with out drying, even skin tone and my pores were visibly smaller. NOTE! THIS PRODUCT DID MAKE ME BREAK OUT ! But, I've had this happen before with good quality products and I knew to just tough it out and deal with it for a few weeks. I don't usually get pimples but when I do they are huge and stay under the skin and never really come to a head. Sounds awesome right?! So I knew that when I started seeing small blemishes, it was just the skin loving ingredients doing their thing. Working out deep dirt and oils. Just as I suspected, the pimples cleared up in a few weeks and now my face feels smooth and flawless! I use it both in the am and pm now. This stuff works ladies...just try it (:
Fresh & Clean
By Esther on 09 Jun, 2014
I love this tonic, I use it after I wash my face in the morning or if my face is sensitive I'll just use this tonic. It leaves me feeling clean and fresh. I can't say that I've seen it help with my acne but I think it's helped with my oil control.
Nourishment for your skin
By Laura on 06 Jun, 2014
This is the best toner ever. It hydrates and nourishes your skin. I used to use witch hazel but now I am hooked on this. Absolutely love this!
Really is THAT good!
By DW on 30 Mar, 2014
Finally got my hands on this when it was back in stock. This is the best skin care product i have tried. It makes my skin smooth as a babies bottom and my foundation looks so much more even! Should have stocked up and bought 10 bottles!
Can't live with out it
By Fiona on 30 Mar, 2014
I tried this a few months ago and I adore it. I just received my most recent order and although I'm loving the new packaging the colour of the liquid is quite a bit darker than previously. Really hoping the formula has not changed!

Items 21 to 30 of 40 total

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