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Glow Tonic


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Can't live with out it
By Fiona on 30 Mar, 2014
I tried this a few months ago and I adore it. I just received my most recent order and although I'm loving the new packaging the colour of the liquid is quite a bit darker than previously. Really hoping the formula has not changed!
Simply the best!
By Beth on 30 Mar, 2014
Simply the best!
Absolutely impressed.
By Janis on 16 Mar, 2014
This tonic has done more for me than any skincare product I have ever tried! I have been using it twice daily since it arrived in the mail a month ago. I have gone from sensitive, acne-prone combination skin to a much more balanced complexion, and the frequency/severity of blemishes has dropped like a rock.

The toner itself has a nice tingly feeling (glycolic acid) upon application, with a rosy botanical scent. You can practically feel it working!
best stuff ever!!!!
By Lynn on 05 Mar, 2014
I was never a toner user but this converted me I cannot believe how great it makes my skin look if you're using another brand of toner give this a try you'll be glad you did. if you're not a oner user this will change your mind. absolutely will reorder and pray they never discontinue this
Fantastic product
By Lori on 09 Feb, 2014
Glow Tonic is a fantastic toner. Not only does it make my skin feel more healthy, but is smells great and is very soothing and refreshing. This product has quickly become a must-have in my daily regimen!
By Tindra on 21 Jan, 2014
I am so lazy about my skin..... and read about this on Caroline Hirons blog, managed to get one before it sold out AGAIN! And now i cant stop raving about it to my friends, it's like an exfoliator and cleanser in one! And my skin looks perfect in the morning - i use it at night when i have more time.
Thank you pixi and thank you Caroline!
So happy I found this toner.
By A on 21 Jan, 2014
When I was younger I didn't suffer from acne but upon reaching my twenties it hit me and has got progressively worse. Last year I went on antibiotics and Differin for it. After about 6 months my skin was clear but as soon as I stopped using them the acne came back.

I figured out that, as I have a lot of little "bumps" under the skin which breakout, it was probably the Differin that helped to clear me up by drawing out the acne and clearing the pores. I didn't want to go back on Differin, and it's not a long term solution (if only my Dr had told me about glycolic acid!). I read about Glow Tonic and while I was waiting for it to become available online I used another toner from a well known brand.

The other toner did seem to start the process of clearing my pores but then it got to a certain point and stopped - apparently it contains less glycolic acid so I'm guessing it wasn't strong enough for me. I finally got my hands on some Glow Tonic a month ago and I have seen such an improvement in my skin. At first I broke out worse but now I'm seeing a lot less new spots and the texture of my skin has improved greatly due to the pores being cleared out. It seems to be working in the same way as the Differin but without the horrible side effects. It also has a nice clean scent.

So happy I gave it a try and I've just ordered another bottle. If you have acne this is definitely worth a try!
By S on 21 Jan, 2014
Really good product that everyone MUST have in their beauty repitoire!
Excellent exfoliating toner... good value for money
By Jane on 21 Jan, 2014
Luck enough to get hold of this last year after being reviewed by Caroline Hirons on her blog (

Have acne proned sensitive skin and this has been a life saver, improved texture, reduced spot size and recovery (especially if you hold toner on spot for a few seconds). Hasn't completely cleared my skin but I wasn't using it twice a day every day.

Have very sensitive skin so took it easy at first and had a bit of a holiday from it. Not using for two weeks I saw my skin go down hill. So back on it twice a day and just put in new order.

GIve it a try you won't regret it. Good value for money compared to other brands of exfoliating toners.
This stuff is awesome, people.
By Fran S. on 20 Jan, 2014
I'm always skeptical about hype surrounding cosmetics, especially because my skin is so sensitive. I've been using this for 2 weeks now. My skin looks younger, less red-patches and no more oily T-zone.

I will absolutely buy this again.

Items 21 to 30 of 31 total

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